Fine Fragrance companies as well as Sensory Marketing Industry insiders have spent an incalculable amount of time and money in search of the viable technology by which scent may be introduced into products in a virtually permanent manner. DuraScent® is the only Screen Scenting™ technology that exists by which specific fragrance renditions can be fused to textiles or fabrics in a both cost effective and durable manner.

DuraScent® has developed patent pending technology which accomplishes this specific goal.

The DuraScent® technology methods, products and applications that can fuse virtually any scent onto, into or under almost any existing product before, during or after production.

These technologies have applications in such varied markets spanning from clothing to home and commercial furnishings, vehicle interiors and custom toys and embellishments. DuraScent® is in continuous research and development of new applications in the formulations of the technology of scented polymer coatings, films and substrates; revolutionizing each market it touches.