DURASCENT®LSG 300 for textile print

  • DuraScent®LSG 300 is a time tested, proven process of fragrance application; a revolutionary Scent Marketing process.
  • DuraScent® technologies allows for a printable, constant- slow release fragrance on wearing apparel and other textiles.
  • It’s a particularly effective  tool to promoted and communicate your art and brand message.
  • The scented printable polymer is suitable for all kinds of fabrics and textiles.
  • The DuraScent® advantage is unique from all other scent applications; allowing for constant fragrance release without having to be scratched (activated). 
  • DuraScent®LSG Series fragrance oils comply with the cosmetic regulation as well as IFRA and Reach recommendations.
  • There are more than 5.000 DuraScent® scents to choose from, not including custom fragrances to suit your needs.
  • Our unique and exclusive scent retaining carrier is suitable for all kinds of textile and has excellent wash properties
  • DuraScent®  is cost effective way for Sensory/Scent Marketing products including all kinds of textiles:

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Wearing Apparel, Bedding & Linens, Kitchen & Bath, Carpet Industry, Promotional, Hospitality, Direct mail, Household, Aroma Market, Fine Fragrance product launch.