Q. How many different fragrances are available?                                                                   

A. In our library there are thousands of fragrances available, we can design a custom fragrance both Fine and General.

DuraScent® looks forward to work with Fine Fragrance Companies with client supplied scents.   


Q. Are Aromatherapy scents available.

A. Yes, upon request.

·         Customer Supplied Fragrance:

·         DuraScent process can work with many different customer supplied scents.

·         There is an additional charge for testing of the Scent to determine stability and delivery of rendition.

·         All customer supplied scent must be accompanied with a Current MSDS.

Special Instructions: 

Q. How much oil is required for testing stability and rendition?

A. The amount of oil is generally between 4 oz. and 16 oz.

Q. What type of oil is required for testing stability and rendition?

A.  In order to faciliate a smooth and safe shipment of  your oil and to carry out tests in good conditions, please note that the essential oil does not contain any alcohol or water or water-soluble ingredients and has to be packed in a solid suitable container, preferably metal construction. Do not forget to label properly your fragrance (name, code, net.  weight and all the necessary instructions which could facilitate the procedure).

Before Shipment and for more Information, contact