Printing Parameters LSG 300

DuraScent® Printers Parameters is not a guideline.

DuraScent® Printing Parameters are a very specific set of exact steps that insures proper Printability, look and Scent Retention; through adequate micron of height as well as Temp/Dwell time.


Q: Can I Print Flash Print to obtain the desired microns of height?

A.  Do not print flash print to achieve print height. Flashing will affect the longevity of the scent.


Q. Do I have to use roller Bar Frames?

A. DuraScent® cannot be printed with wood or static aluminum frames.


Q. Can I print DuraScent® as a standard flat print?

A. No, you must use minimum of 250 micron film, higher micron is recommended.


Q. Why is my capillary film keep coming off the mesh during clean out?

A. Burn time for cap film may be as high as 15 minutes depending on bulb wattage, age and distance between light source and film.


Q. Can I use different mesh counts?

A. Newman Mesh 128N is the correct mesh count and fiber size for High Density printing on automatic presses.


Q. How do I tell if I have achieved 40 Newton’s.

A. Mesh must be stretched to 40+ Newton, The use of a Newton Meter is the only way to truly gauge Newton’s.


Q. What type of squeegee do I use?

A. Sharp, 70/90/70 Triple? Use a light pressure on the squeegee at the time of printing. Loose mesh will cause mesh markings on the surface of DuraScent® when cured.


Q. If I do not follow the printing parameters, will it affect DuraScent®?

A. Varying from these steps of application will void any expressed or written warranties.


Q. Can I mix pigments into DuraScent®?

A. DuraScent® was designed as a last down clear overlay onto existing art or graphics. Pigments are not recommended to be added to DuraScent®.


Q. Can I adjust the thickness of DuraScent®?

A. To make DuraScent “stiffer” add Wilflex® Thickener #2

A. To make DuraScent less “stiff” add Wilflex® Viscosity Reducer.


Q. Can I mix other special effects with DuraScent®?

A. Glitter and other Wilflex specialty effects can be used.  


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Printing Parameters PDF

Newman Stretch-Device Educational Video

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