SDS Forms

Please NOTE: US Companies cannot be REACH certified.  REACH Certification is only for Chemicals made in Europe or imported into Europe and only European Companies and European Importers can be Certified for the Chemicals they make or import.  Fragrances are not REACH Certified, only the Chemicals or Essential Oils in each fragrance.  All of the ingredients used  are “Pre-Registered” (1500) or “Registered” with REACH via our Suppliers.

In addition to the SDS, we can also supply the: Specification Sheet, European “allergen statement”, IFRA Conformity Certificate, Animal Non-Testing Declaration, BSE/TSE Statement, GMO Free Certificate, NAFTA Certificate of Origin, Residual Solvents & Heavy Metals Statement, Latex Content Statement

In addition, all Fragrance supp. is an FDA Registered producer of Drug Products #037462629, and Registered by the Texas Dept. of State Health Services as a Drug Manufacturer and Distributor, License #0052330.

Let me know if you have any questions.