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Q. How does DuraScent® work?

A: DuraScent® is a scented polymer that is applied through the screen printing process.


Q. Is DuraScent® different than other scratch and sniff products.

A. First of all DuraScent® is NOT a "scratch and Sniff" product.

This new technology DuraScent®, allows for a constant release of the applied fragrance. DuraScent® is an innovation with a added value added.


Q. How long does DuraScent® last?

A. DuraScent® is designed to go through the washing and drying cycles

(washing machines) and you will be able to wash your apparel multiple times if washed according to DuraScent® washing instructions.


Q. How do I care for my apparel so that the scent lasts longer?

A. To insure maximum effectiveness of the scent, wash separately in warm water. Air or tumble dry.  Use a fragrance free detergent.


Q. Is DuraScent® safe around children?

A. All DuraScent® products are safe and non-toxic when used as intended. DuraScent® products are only produced at suppliers with total compliance to all required laws and regulation * Anyone individual may have allergies even to strawberries or peanuts. If allergies are of a concern to you, contact your personal Physician.


Q. Can I iron DuraScent®?

A. Ironing is not advised or suggested on the DuraScent® applications; even if your garment is turned inside out.


Q. Is DuraScent® available on any other products?

A  Yes, DuraScent® and its Sister Brand PermaScent® are available on a wide variety of products. From bedding and sleeping wear to carpeting, decorative pillows, paper.


Q. How many different fragrances are available?

A. In our library there are thousands of fragrances available, we can design a custom fragrance both Fine and General.

DuraScent® looks forward to work with Fine Fragrance Companies with client supplied scents.


Q. Are Aromatherapy scents available.

A. Yes, upon request.


Q. Is DuraScent Made in China?

A. No DuraScent is manufactured only in Europe and the United States.


Q) Why are some companies looking to use non-phthalate and non-PVC inks?

A) During recent years, vinyl products have come to the attention of environmentally sensitive companies and environmental groups. Because of this, some companies who wish to do so have chosen to instruct their printers to evaluate the potential of alternative inks. DuraScent® is committed to providing printing technologies to meet market demands. DuraScen®t does not contain phthalates.



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Q) What are phthalates?

A) Phthalates are a class of commonly used plasticizers used to create a flexible plastic film.    Plasticizers are used in inks to add flexibility, softness and elongation. While phthalate and non-phthalate plasticizers provide similar functionality, they are differentiated by their chemical structure.

Q) How is DuraScent® different from the ink I use now?

A) DuraScent® is our highly productive, flexible and proven ink technology that is manufactured with non-phthalate plasticizers.

Q) Will DuraScent® inks look and feel like conventional plastisol inks?

A) Yes! DuraScent® compare favorably with plastisol Classic inks.

Q) Can I mix DuraScent(R) with other inks or additives?

A) To avoid contamination, DuraScent® inks should only be used in conjunction with DuraScent® approved additives.

Q) What about cross contamination?

A) Proper precautions and procedures must be followed to ensure the non-phthalate integrity of the Epic inks. Cross contamination can occur in multiple locations in the production environment.

The information is based on information and experience believed reliable. Since many factors may affect processing for an application, processors must carry out their own tests and experiments to confirm suitability for intended use. You must make your own determination of suitability for your intended use and environmental acceptability, the safety and health of your employees, and purchasers of your product.