DuraScent®LSG 100

For the huge consumer market, it is no longer good enough for synthetic leather to look and feel like leather.

It also has to SMELL like geniune Leather

DuraScent® fuses that premium leather scent into your products and the slow-releasing scent stays on for a long period of time.



DuraScent®LSG 200

The DuraScent® technology represent methods, products and applications that can fuse virtually any scent onto, into or under almost any existing.

These technologies have applications in such varied markets spanning from clothing to home and commercial furnishings, vehicle interiors and custom toys and embellishments.



DuraScent®LSG 300

fuse virtually any Scent onto almost any type of textile with constant, long lasting and slow fragrance release without having to scratch or to touch the scented surface, because DuraScent® LSG emits the scent continuously.  

Our unique and exclusive scent retaining carrier is suitable for all kinds of textile and has excellent wash properties.